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November 2023 - Project Status Update

In month 9 of ACTNOW, we are taking stock of ACTNOW's project status by reviewing Milestones and Deliverables submitted and checked.

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The project partners submitted the following deliverables to the European Commission:

Deliverable 7.1 - 03/23 (month 1)

Framework, principles, procedures and implementation tools for project management in ACTNOW.

Deliverable 6.1 - 03/23 (month 1)

ACTNOW website including descriptions of project goals, structure, products and partners with opt-in stakeholder recruitment form.

Deliverable 7.2 - 04/23 (month 2)

Ethical issues applicable for the research activities planned, which included the principles for stakeholder engagement and animal testing.

Deliverable 7.3 - 08/23 (month 6) Initial strategy for effectively managing the data produced and accumulated throughout ACTNOW - protocol for handling research; specific data to be collected, processed, or generated; methodology and standards; data sharing and openness; curation and preservation of the data.

Deliverable 6.3 - 08/23 (month 6)

ACTNOW’s strategy for communicating and engaging with stakeholders and disseminating its research findings to various kinds of audiences. Includes exploitation plans as well as a strategy for cooperation with other projects.

Deliverable 1.1 - 09/23 (month 7) - delayed

Glossy card with narratives of a common matrix of what-if scenarios for marine biodiversity and ecosystem function.

These reports will be available on the ACTNOW website once they have been reviewed and accepted by the EC.

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Our progress in terms of Milestones is:

Milestone 1 - 03/23 (month 1)

Setting up and granting access to the project portal

Milestone 2 - 03/23 (month 1)

Kick-off meeting decision-maker workshop

Milestone 3 - 04/23 (month 2)

Website & social media channels launched

Milestone 4 - 06/23 (month 4)

List of biodiversity indicators

We will keep you posted on our progress!

Contact: Félix Cólas, NIOZ


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