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ACTNOW in Context: New Indicators to Assess Success of Restoration Efforts

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

ACTNOW project partner ICES cooperates with BlueMission Arctic/Atlantic CSA to create a comprehensive monitoring and reporting system and success indicators

BlueMissionAA focuses on preservation and restoration of marine and coastal ecosystems and biodiversity. One of the goals of the BlueMission Arctic/Atlantic CSA is to establish and put into operation a comprehensive monitoring and reporting system designed to continuously assess the advancements made in executing the Mission in the Atlantic and Arctic Sea regions. This involves creating a limited set of indicators to assess the success of restoration efforts. These indicators will be developed in collaboration with the Mission Implementation Platform, the PREP4BLUE project, Atlantic & Arctic Lighthouse, and the Danube Lighthouse. A workshop to complete a list of indicators will be held before the end of this year. This will support the upcoming new phase of the Mission Ocean and Waters, which will be focused on solutions and their replication/scaling up.

Contact for questions: Wojciech Wawrzynski, ICES

Atlantic Ocean at sunset
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