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First ACTNOW cruise to Dogger Bank in full swing

Updated: 6 days ago

10 day cruise to the Dogger Bank to collect and analyse food-web data and samples

A healthy food-web is an integral part of a functioning and sustainable ocean ecosystem. In the North Sea and many other places, however, the marine food-web is under pressure from enhanced human activity such as the installation of energy structures or commercial fishing. During ACTNOW's first 10-day cruise to the Dogger Bank scientists and vessel crew are working long days to collect and analyse data and samples from all levels of the food chain, from plankton to seabirds to whales.

The Cruise Blog

To share their successes and experiences on sea, the crew members are writing a blog about their sampling days, data analyses, and life on board. You can read all full blog posts on the NIOZ website by clicking here.

Thursday 22 June 2023

Life of the nightcrew (Loran Kleine Schaars)

Wednesday 21 June 2023

So tiny, so important - all about plankton (Pieter Hovenkamp)

Monday 19 June 2023

Where have all the seabirds gone? (Markdik Leopold)

Friday 16 June - Sunday 18 June 2023

Setting Sail! (Sophie Brasseur)

We will keep you updated with the latest blog posts as we hear more from the crew!

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