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Ecopath with Ecosim Course coming up!

A 5 day course organized for young researchers by six research projects.

Ecopath with Ecosim (EwE) is an ecological and ecosystem modeling software suite that is often used to address ecological questions, explore management policy options, analyze the impact and placement of marine protected areas, and with particular relevance to the ActNow project, the ability to assess changes in ecosystem topology and functioning under cumulative impacts.

ActNow, together with other research projects (GES4SEAS, ProOceans, Estrategias Marinas, MarinePlan, and Ecoscope), is organizing a five-day course (11 to 15 December) in Barcelona, Spain.

The course will be organized in two parts:

  1. The first three days will be a generic introduction to the EwE approach, placing focus on the foundation Ecopath module (data needs, parameterization, mass-balancing) and Ecosim (temporal dynamics, data needs, model fitting). Ecospace (spatial-temporal dynamics) will be briefly explained.

  2. The last two days will focus on the advanced use of Ecospace. We will address topics such as setting up species distributions and movement, fisheries management, scenario trade-off analyses, extracting indicators, and the combined use of EwE with external tools, data and models.

The course will alternate presentations with plenty of hands-on time.

Space is limited to 25 participants and pre-registration is full, but the course may be repeated in the near future due to overwhelming demand.

Contact person: Jeroen Steenbeek (


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